Police deny KN’s report on murder of GGMC employee

Dead: Trevor Abrams
Dead: Trevor Abrams
Dead: Trevor Abrams

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Guyana Police Force is denying a report carried in Sunday’s edition of the Kaieteur News which stated that its investigators were told by suspects that mining engineer Trevor Abrams was killed in a plot hatched by a businessman with ties to the mining sector.

The story was captioned: “Ex-cops, ex-soldier paid to murder GGMC engineer” and stated that police investigators received information that a businessman with ties to the mining sector had recruited a former army intelligence rank and two ex-policemen to kill Abrams, who was shot and killed while driving a motor vehicle along the roadway at Diamond, EBD, on February 27, 2015.

The article alleged that this information was provided to the police by one of two men who were arrested in a house at Diamond, EBD, recently, in which a firearm and ammunition were found.

However, the Police Force in a statement “categorically refutes the allegation that its investigators have received such information from either of the two men as the investigations continue.”

“Noting that this inaccurate information to the Kaieteur News has been attributed to “top police sources”, the Guyana Police Force wishes to remind media operatives that the authorised persons within the Police Force from whom information on criminal investigations can be sought are the Commissioner of Police, the Assistant Commissioner ‘Law Enforcement’, the Public Relations and Press Officer and the respective Divisional Commander.”




  1. I think the Government should give the victim families ten million dollars as compensation. Why waste money on investigations? This Government on wasting money on probe and inquiry and investigation. Pay the people and close the case.


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