Police Corporal in hospital after collision with stray cow, calf

Police Corporal Satesh Narine, 29, of  of Cumberland village, East Canje is now a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), in a serious but stable condition after he crashed into two stray animals, on the Susannah Public Road, Number Nineteen Village, Corentyne, Berbice, around 02:00 hrs this morning.
Enquiries disclosed that the Corporal, who is the Subordinate Officer-in-Charge of Albion Police Station, was proceeding west along the southern side of the road, in motor car PSS 4799 when he collided with the animals (a cow and calf) and lost control of his vehicle which ended up into a southern shallow trench.
He was rushed to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital in a conscious state by residents of the community where he was treated and transferred to the GPHC.
He sustained a fractured right shoulder, fractured hands and injuries to his back. The two animals however, died from the collision. The owner, of the animals, is in police custody.


  1. Pass laws that only allows persons to rare cattle in designated farming zones/cattle ranches. These zones must be well fenced to avoid animals from public roads.

  2. The City Council needs to Fine these animals owners whose animals is not stamped (branded.) They also need to have contact information for these animals owners. The animals are littering the place daily, the cows goes into the rubbish bins and make a big mess. Have all these animals owners register their animals with the respective City Councils so they can be identified easily. We are told to plant our food but we constantly have to worry about the stray animals that eat or produce. It is getting out of control people shouldn’t have to die for us to get things done in this day and age.


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