Police considers setting up “Aviation Wing”


The Guyana Police Force (GPF) is exploring the possibility of establishing a department to render aerial support.

Commissioner of Police, Leslie James today met with representatives of American Aviation giant MIDAS Aviation Service Inc, of Beach Airpark Florida, USA to discuss this possibility.

According to a statement from police headquarters, the discussion was focused on the formation of the “Guyana Police Force’s Aviation Wing” where matters such as having appropriate response capabilities, training, maintenance and sourcing of the most suitable aircraft were addressed.

The Force noted that the establishment of aerial support will improve its response capabilities as well as build public confidence, gather real time intelligence, and reduce crime and the fear of crime.

“The engagement was detailed and comprehensive and will aid in the Administration’s focus on the way forward as it aims to launch its aviation infrastructure,” GPF stated.

The new Administration of the Force has listed infrastructure as one of three primary areas in its reformation process, the statement added.


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