Police commence investigation into alleged rape of 14 – year – old student


[www.inewsguyana.com] – A Senior Police officer has confirmed that the police are in receipt of a report that a 22 – year – old teacher reportedly had sex with his 14 – year – old student on the school premises.

The senior police rank told iNews that the matter is being investigated by the police and statements were taken. When asked about the procedure of the matter being reported to the Child Care and Protection Agency by the police, the senior rank said that he is not sure if that has been done already but assured that the procedures will be followed by the police as they continue their investigations.

Meanwhile, the teacher who has since been refusing to speak with iNews following his first comment to this news outfit last week Friday is at home on the East Coast of Demerara. The man has not been taking calls and all calls to his land line are being vetted by his mother.

The teacher is also the son of a very popular East Coast Demerara pastor. On Monday, the 14 – year – old student in the company of her guardian during an exclusive interview with iNews detailed how she came to have sexual intercourse with the teacher.

She said that it all started when she indicated that she was weak in the two subject areas which the teacher is responsible for.

In her interview she told iNews that she and the teacher had unprotected sex, after which he gave her a pill to drink. iNews has since referred the student and her guardian to the Child Care and Protection Agency and the department has launched an immediate investigation into the matter. [Leroy Smith]



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