Police Commander visits rank attacked by bandits



By Leroy Smith

Commander visits cop[www.inewsguyana.com] – Commander of the ‘E’ Division, Calvin Brutus, Deputy Commander, Inspector Oswald Pitt and two junior ranks yesterday visited injured Anti-Crime Police Constable McFarlin, who was stabbed on Saturday morning (October 25) by an alleged bandit at a popular chill spot in Linden.

Police sources told iNews that the suspect was released from prison as a result of bail being granted in the High Court. iNews understands that the suspect and an accomplice attacked the Police Constable at the hang out spot as they attempted to rob him.

The rank put up some resistance and was stabbed just below the collar bone with an ice pick and was rushed to the Linden Hospital Complex, where he has been admitted.

The police have since launched a man hunt for the suspects but according to their information, the main suspect might have already fled the country.

Other police ranks attempted to apprehend the suspect on the night of the robbery but he managed to enter a waiting car – PPP 2437. That car and a motorcycle – CH 2237 – have been impounded by the police as the investigation continues.

Commander Brutus said he decided to visit to ensure that the rank was receiving the best medical attention and that he was responding to his treatment.


  1. As a member of the Police Force should he and all others like him be issued with the vital tools to prevent crime, a hand gun is not asking too much they have every body giving them to the very bandits who are not trained to carry a firearm, everyday we read of another license gun get take away, but the police walking around with a cell phone

  2. Thank you, so triue, how many times you arrest them (criminals) and they walk pass you out of the court, to go and repet worse or the same crime the court system is not feeling the pain and loss of life that families go true everyday, when last they robb a judge or any of them suffer the faith that so many feel daily


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