Police Association worried about wayward ranks

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guyana-police-force-badge[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Guyana Police Association says it is concerned about the attitude of some errant ranks who continue to deviate from the acceptable norms and Police Standing Orders and engage in venalities, inappropriate conduct and other transgressions.

This, the Association observed tend to stigmatise the organisation and bring into disrepute the credibility of the many hard working policemen and women.

“In providing the highest quality of service we must do so without favour or affection, malice or ill will.  Courtesy, politeness, honesty, integrity, dedication, impartiality, dignity and professionalism, must be common attributes of our operational life. Supervisors must take swift, decisive and appropriate action against defaulting ranks,” a statement from the Association noted.

The Body says it is currently conducting visits to stations and have not failed to refresh the minds of ranks of their modus operandi in the provision of quality service and to build upon those positive aspects as well as to improve or change those aspects of personal behaviour that are not compatible with and contravene the organisation’s mandate.

The Association added “we urge our members to strive to reduce the fears of the public and to reflect their priorities in the actions we take.”  However in so doing, ranks were also urged to continue to be firm in their resolve to fight crime, firm in their resolve to reduce the number of traffic accidents and road deaths, and firm in their resolve to upgrade the level of service delivery throughout the Force.”

The Association is calling on its members to have more interaction with the communities, including Community Policing Groups and Station Management Committees, and to participate in police community relations activities in order to enhance the law enforcement relationship.

The Executive of the Police Association is also urging its members to consolidate on the gains achieved over the years and to fully embrace the modernization, training and capacity building that are taking place within the Guyana Police Force under the guidance of the Commissioner of Police and his Management Team.

The Association also commends the hard working policemen/women who continue to work beyond the normal call of duty, in a dedicated and professional manner, in order to maintain a high degree of public safety within the country.



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