Police apprehend wanted T&T conman who was operating for years in Guyana

Daniel Ali

Approximately three years after an arrest warrant was issued for a suspected con artist from Trinidad and Tobago (T&T), police finally managed to apprehend the confidence trickster on Friday last at an apartment in Ogle, East Coast Demerara.

This information was confirmed by Crime Chief, Wendell Blanhum who told media operatives that 41-year-old Daniel Ali is expected to be prosecuted in Guyana for several criminal offences throughout the country, before he is deported back to T&T where he is also wanted for various crimes.

A source has indicated that Ali has been posing as a representative of the United States Embassy under the alias “Richard Khan” and was collecting fees to grant US visas.

In 2014, Guyanese ranks were trailing Ali after he managed to illegally sell several vehicles after renting same from local car rental entities on the East Coast and West Coast.

It was revealed that Ali seemed to be working with several local accomplices, and that they would hold assets for him, among other things, while being completely aware of his criminal activities.

At one point, the suspect along with another accomplice identified as Steven Baboolall were said to be residing at a guest house  in Eccles, on the East Bank Demerara, however after arriving at the location, police were informed that the men had escaped their clutches once again.

All the while, more and more reports were being made to various police stations by car rental businesses that had lost their vehicles after Ali rented it.

Another tip off to police indicated that the men were seen entering an apartment in Roraima Housing Scheme, West Coast Demerara.

Sources had informed police that the men were seen driving numerous luxury cars and spending extravagantly.

At that time, when neighbours in the area inquired as to the identity of the men, they were informed that the two were wealthy Trinidadian businessmen who intended to invest in a catering business in Guyana.

However, a few weeks after that, it was reported that Ali and Baboolall had formulated a loan shark business of lending money to Uitvlugt residents, and would take interest on the sums loaned.

In one instance, a resident in the village allegedly borrowed approximately $1.5M from the two, leaving two of his vehicles as collateral until the loan was repaid.

In 2015, Ali still managed to elude the police, and continued to scam many unsuspecting citizens out of their cash, jewellery, laptops, cellular phones and other items.

It was subsequently reported that Ali was seeking refuge at the home of his accomplice’s relatives in Black Bush Polder, Corentyne. However, he was reportedly turned out of the home and disappeared from  police radar once again.

However, mid 2015, police gathered intel that Ali had befriended a man from East Coast Demerara and asked him to borrow a significant amount of cash and a brand new laptop. He once again disappeared with the items.

Information from law enforcement ranks had also indicated that Ali managed to travel to Suriname from Guyana after stealing another friend’s birth certificate and using it to acquire a Guyanese passport with his picture and the new name.

It was also reported in the media that Ali stole $30,000 in cash from Alex Lawson, he conned Olympia Small-Sonoram a Guyanese designer of $100, 000 in cash and several other unsuspecting persons.


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