Police Analysis: Serious crimes at its lowest since 2004


By Kurt Campbell

Crime Chief, Leslie James
Crime Chief, Leslie James

[www.inewsguyana.com]–Police have provided statistics which show that serious crimes in Guyana are at its lowest since 2004 where a total of 4,542 cases were recorded while at the end of October 2014, a total of 3000 cases were recorded.

Presenting the analysis to members of the business community recently, Crime Chief Leslie James explained that after the jail break in 2002, there was a hike in criminal activities which was maintained up to 2008.

James said through the efforts of the Guyana Police Force in 2013 to present, there has been a dramatic decrease in criminal activities

“Through diligent work by our ranks and with the dismantling of some groups we have been able to do this. I wish to state clearly that no where we intend to return to the position in 2004,” James added.

Police ‘A’ Division, which is home to more than 40% of Guyana’s population, have accounted for the majority of cases of serious crimes totaling 54%.IMG_0976

Importantly, this Division is the smallest geographically and accommodates the seat of government. It is also the hub of commercial activities where the Capital City, Georgetown is located.

Murders in 2004 stood at 31 while in 2014 a total of 119 were recorded at the end of October; peaking at 158 in 2008. Most of these murders were of the disorderly type while domestic and robberies were the causes of a significant amount.

Even in wake of these numbers, James has assured that there is no need for alarm as he made comparison to what is obtained in other Regional jurisdictions.

Other stats show that robberies stood at 1336 in 2004 and now stand at 1206 in 2014 while break and enter recorded a total of 2219 in 2004 and stand at 1178 in 2014.

The Crime Chief says the Guyana Police force will continue its work in dealing with the incidents of crime.




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