PNCR: Sanction Dharamlall, he is embarrassing PPP, National Assembly


The People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) has come out in strong condemnation of the recent Facebook ranting by People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Member of Parliament, Nigel Dharamlall against President David Granger.

The party, in a release, said that “this highly unusual, unprofessional and unbecoming behavior by a sitting member of the National Assembly of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana must be condemned by all members of the legislative branch of government regardless of political affiliation.”

The PNCR also recalled that this is not the first time that Dharamlall has “engaged in unsavoury behaviour unbecoming of his high office as a member of the National Assembly. The PNCR calls attention to the fact that earlier this year a complaint was made against Mr. Nigel Dharamlall over alleged threatening behaviour towards an employee of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) office in Guyana. This complaint was withdrawn only after a request was made by the complainant to the Director of Public Prosecutions Chambers that no further action be taken.”

According to the PNCR “Mr Dharamlall’s has embarrassed his party (the PPP) and the entire National Assembly and should be sanctioned…as the conduct of all Members of the National Assembly must be above reproach and they are expected to conduct themselves in respectful manner at all times.”

The young Parliamentarian and former Permanent Secretary had taken to Facebook to vent his frustration over the prevailing gun related crimes, among other things, but did so most ineloquently.

dharmlall-fb-postHis comments were deemed as ‘unacceptable’ by PPP Opposition Leader, Dr Bharat Jagdeo who only recently said that “any criticisms made about the mismanagement of the country should be pointed out in a wise manner, adding that it should never become personal and there are ways to address matters of importance without being hateful.”

Jagdeo also stated that he had taken up the matter with Dharamlall and made his disapproval clear. As such, he noted that the fellow Parliamentarian acknowledged his wrong doings and has since “apologized to everyone for it and he has expressed contrition to me that there will be no repetition of this sort.”

Dharamlall later issued an apology on Facebook saying “Dear President #Granger I’m sure you are a thick-skinned leader…as all politicians ought to be…however, some of your supporters feel that I have been too harsh in my criticisms of you…Let us bury the hatchet…you lead the country without racial and political discrimination; without fear of the criminals; without dubious and partisan policies; without corruption; without disrespect to the Amerindians, vulnerable, elderly, youth and disadvantaged AND I shall steer clear of you…To you and your supporters #MyApology for the unwarranted things I earlier posted that may have caused you harm… ONE LOVE!!!”


  1. Interesting post. And what have been said of Pres: Jagdeo and Ramoutar by opposition bloggers are acceptable, but how different?

  2. Is Dharamlall another MOUTHPIECE of the PPP/C,or is he voicing the way the PPP/C thinks?It is NOT unusual to get outburts of this nature coming from PPP/C.From the inception of the APNU+AFC Coalition winning the election,the PPP/C said that it will NOT recognise the Coalition government,because it was robbed of the election.After protesting,it took the PPP/C a while,before it occupied its seats in Parliament.We will see,if Dharamlall will be sanctioned for his DISRESPECTFUL BEHAVIOUR towards President Granger.

  3. Really PNCR- How come you ALL did not call for Ramjattan and Moses to QUIT when both use swear words towards the PPP in the first set of sittings? How come Ramjattan and Moses were conducting fish market INSIDE parliament -calling Jagdeo a THIEF? The public wants to KNOW why -Come 2020 many NORTH AMERICAN will lobby against this government for them to be removed….I am sure you all are pooping by now that TRUMP is a supporter of PUTIN and PUTIN is a supporter of JAGGY!


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