PNCR Linden groups advise Kissoon against appearing before discipline committee

Oscar Clarke and Vanessa Kissoon
Oscar Clarke and Vanessa Kissoon
Oscar Clarke and Vanessa Kissoon

[] – The Linden PNCR Committee says it has advised Parliamentarian, Vanessa Kissoon against appearing before the disciplinary committee set up by Party Leader, David Granger.

The Committee is scheduled to meet tomorrow, July 22.

Kissoon was suspended by Granger, following an altercation between her and General Secretary, Oscar Clarke as it relates to keys to the Linden Office.

According to a press statement from the Linden PNCR Committee, the Linden Groups dispatched a letter to Granger on July 14 indicating the groups’ discomfort with the suspension and the composition of the Disciplinary Committee, among others things.

In the letter it was stated, “Since members of the Disciplinary Committee have already pronounced the question of bias becomes an issue. And it is for this reason that a request is made to not only have these persons recuse themselves, but the entire Disciplinary Committee be disbanded and the parties commence discussion within the next 24-hours on receipt of this letter. At this proposed meeting it is suggested that we agree on the modalities on how we will go forward by removing the irritants that can inhibit normalcy.”

It was noted that a response was received from the Leader dated July 15, but he did not address any of the issues raised.

“Neither had he set a time that he would be desirous of engaging us. Since these exchanges Ms. Kissoon has received a letter on 16th July signed by Mr. Allan Monroe, chairman of Mr. Granger’s disciplinary committee, informing her of the charge against her, and requested that she submits a statement by 19th July and the committee will start its hearing on 22nd July. Having considered these events, Ms. Kissoon has been advised by the membership in Linden not to appear before the committee for the following reasons:-

“All the explanations coming from the Leader have never justified that his action was consistent with the Party Rules. Linden is clear and has taken a principled position on this issue since we recognise that it is the Rules of the party that have to guide the business of the party. Mr. Granger has repeatedly said he is operating within the Rules/Constitution. In our perusal of the Party Rules we did not find any rule that authorises him to suspend Ms. Kissoon. Neither has Mr. Granger sought to provide the evidence of the rule that authorises him to suspend Ms. Kissoon.

“The argument by Mr. Granger that this issue is serious as such a decision was taken by him to suspend Ms. Kissoon does not apply to her since she is not an employee. Ms. Kissoon is a member of the party and owns a piece of the party just like Mr. Granger. As such any decision to suspend her has to come after an investigation has been conducted and the member found guilty.”

According to the statement, for the two years Mr. Granger has been in office he has not seen it fit to put in place the constitutionally required disciplinary committee.

APNU Leader, David Granger
APNU Leader, David Granger

“This is a violation of the rules of the PNCR. It was not until he unilaterally suspended Ms. Kissoon he chose to select some persons to form a committee to discipline her.”

The PNCR Linden is of the view that Congress Place wants to get at Ms. Kissoon at all cost.

“We are aware that Ms. Kissoon who is a very hard worker is responsible for the recruitment and continuation of membership to the party of over 800 persons. We are also aware that the Leader and the General Secretary continue to give Ms. Sandra Adams the credit for the work done by Ms. Kissoon. To be involved in denying the facts about membership recruitment bring into focus the depth some leaders will go to side line some members.”

It was further noted that the membership do not take kindly to the statement made on February 1 by “Ms. Amna Ally to the Leader of the party, in the presence of some, that he will have to get rid of Ms. Kissoon or she will leave the party. Ms. Ally’s comment came after Ms Kissoon requested of Ms. Ally that she be spoken to with respect. At the next sitting of the National Assembly Ms. Kissoon was moved to the back bench without prior notification.”

It was noted that Kissoon’s attendance at Congress will be based on her feelings.




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