PNCR holds first General Council meeting for 2016

The People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) yesterday (Saturday) held its first General Council Meeting for the year 2016 at the Party’s Headquarters, Congress Place, Sophia. The General Council which was held under the theme: ‘The Year of Renaissance’ was chaired by the Party Chairman, Basil Williams. In opening remarks, Williams observed that the first General Council meeting was happening in a year of celebration.
He cited the 50th Anniversary of Guyana’s Independence; the 1st Anniversary of the signing of the Cummingsburg Accord; and the holding of Local Government Elections. The Chairman welcomed the participants especially those who had travelled from the Barima-Waini, Cuyuni-Mazaruni, Potaro-Siparuni, Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo, the North American Region and Great Britain.
pncrAccording to a statement from the PNCR, he thanked Party members for their hard work, steadfastness, sacrifice and for staying the course and told the General Council that winning the upcoming local government elections was pivotal to the achievement of the “good life”.
A minute of silence was observed for Party members who had passed away in the period between General Councils. The General Secretary’s Report was presented by Mr. Oscar Clarke, CCH.
He brought the meeting “up to date” with the state of the Party’s Secretariat, the youth and women’s arm of the Party and all Party regions (local and overseas), and the work of the Secretariat during the period between General Councils.
The PNC statement said Clarke reported to the General Council that the state of the Party was strong, poised and ready for local government elections and that the Party must use the local government elections to recapture the hopes and dreams of the founding fathers for a united Guyana.

The feature address was delivered by Party leader and President David Granger. In his remarks yesterday, Granger reminded that there were 40 days left before local government elections and charged the General Council to make every day count.

Following Granger’s address there was a panel discussion on local government elections. A lively plenary during the second session examined the Party leader’s address, the General Secretary’s report and a strategy for victory.
The General Council concluded with a summation and charge which was given by Granger.



  1. The PPP never change its name but the meaning of the 3P was charged PROFESSIONAL PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP /criminals,the PNC progress never came/APNU All Parties now United,it’s the SOS all over Same old shit,,lol

  2. this is the first time I have read a message from someone who feels exactly like me. you are correct in your observations. time is long past for sensible and educated and even not so educated Guyanese to realise unless you are a stooge as in the case of nagamootoo and ramjattan, and an avaricious politician as in the case of the majority of PPP and PNC members of parliament you will never find material satisfaction in Guyana. this is the time to refocus on your own self and that of your family and leave these greedy monsters to completely destroy the land of our birth.

  3. ”My take on this that I very much encourage everyone not to get into politics, don’t vote”
    Nicolas Parks, I beg to disagree with you on this one. If you allow this to happen, then those in power will continue to live off the backs of the ordinary working man/woman forever. Change does not come about by not getting into politics. One’s vote is sacred and he/she must use it as it is a RIGHT not a privilege.
    There is general agreement that Ramjattan and Nagamotoo crossed the floor for their own lust for power regardless of the consequences. Their days are numbered as they have no real political power despite all the big talk and declarations.

  4. Hawkeye, there is FACT, then FICTION followed by OPINION. These three phenomena do have influence over one’s imagination.
    FACT: The PNC as a political party has never won any election in its history.They ruled( sorry, ruined) the country from 1968, the year of the first rigging, followed by even more blatant rigging in the years thereafter when elections were held. This also include the 1978 referendum where only 14% of eligible voters turned out to vote but the PNC declared that 71.45 percent of the electorate voted, of which 97.7 supported the referendum proposal. Whah you call dat? RIGGING, BARE FACED, SHAMELESS RIGGING.
    FACT: My comment to which you responded falls under this category and is not a figment of my imagination
    ”Remember the high suicide rate is from the ppp camp”. Is it because most suicide victims are Indian, you label them as coming from the PPP camp? That’s a a MORONIC assertion/ conclusion. Have you done or has there been any scientific study of the causes of suicide? There has been none. Hopelessness under the current administration is one of the causes of suicide as most dismissals from government institutions are Indians. Most if not all the victims of robberies and murders are Indians.Will not mention who the perpetrators are.

  5. My take on this that I very much encourage everyone not to get into politics, don’t vote. Every time u go to a political meeting there r so much promises. Come on Guyanese why be fooled? Some people spending money to go and come home to vote, you just spending ur money stupidly just stay home n enjoy the day with ur family n focus on how u can better ur personal life. So disgusting to see people running n jumping on campaign trail, and in the end the winner of election don’t have time with u. jagdeo, granger, naga, ramotar and all dem big boy done prepare for them future generation, what ordinary ppl need to do is focus on how u can make a living n make a future for ur kids. All them money dem big boy taking u think they gonna give u, is them grandchildren n family will benefit from it. So I pleading to young ppl especially get educated n focus on ur development. Nagamotoo cross floor Ramjattan cross floor, u think they cross floor for u ordinary citizen hello. They cross floor so they can be in power to set them friends n family right. Oh n stop cussing down u black n Indian brother we all in the shit with these politician. We fighting at the bottom n the big boy parting up money at the top. Stop voting n running behind politician.

  6. Your tone is really of a moron. You need help badly, and quickly. Remember the high suicide rate is from the ppp camp. There’s no need to respond to nonsense.

  7. Of Course they made up sic parties and still could not win the PPP, for years, all they are good at is rigging, even their own elections. A bunch of losers. Check who they are putting up for Local Government Elections. Chase Green, an empty head and racist…. and Oscar Clarke – Remember Vanessa Kissoon????

  8. Sly, after 28 years in the opposition, PPP was given a grand opportunity in 1992 to govern Guyana in such a way that at each elections, 55 to 60 percent of Guyanese would have voted for the cup. Things happened during the 22 + years that they governed Guyana that resulted in the change in government. Mr. Jagdeo recently gave reasons for the loss of the elections.
    Name change or NOT, the PPP lost! We have to live with this. The PPP must absorb the reasons for this and plan way ahead. Remember , the most crucial voting block now is the Amerindian people. And they have traditionally supported the government of the day…. The possibility is the PPP may remain as the opposition for a long time! Especially with the chance of rigging re-surfacing.
    The big question is : who or what to blame for the loss and how to neutralize this…

  9. ”Only fools would believe that there is such thing as APNUCRAPNUBAPNUSHIT:
    its either PNC and PPP and nothing more..”
    ABSOLUTELY but with a but. The PPP has never changed its name since its formation many decades ago. It has broadened its scope to include any non-political individuals/organisation that share its philosophy; democracy, transparency, guarantee of the rights of the citizens as outlined in the UN charter of human Rights.
    Unlike the PNC. They have changed their names hoping to fool the citizens that they have changed but Leopards never change their spots. Tasting power after loosing it in 1992, they would do everything to remain there by RIGGING, RIGGING AND MORE RIGGING. They are the Masters of rigging. They will play the American PUPPET and dancing to the American tune.
    The PNC was always there. They just lie low for a while.

  10. PNCR holds first General Council meeting for 2016
    Well now the entire world knows the PNC is very much alive and kicking.
    Only fools would believe that there is such thing as APNUCRAPNUBAPNUSHIT:
    its either PNC and PPP and nothing more..


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