PNC/R Executive deflects blame for constitutional reform failure


Executive Member of the People’s National Congress Reform – the leading party in the APNU alliance, Gary Best, has sought to deflect blame for the coalition’s failure to fulfill its promise of constitutional reform made on the 2015 elections campaign trail.

Gary Best

Constitutional Reform was one of the main promises on the Coalition’s 2015 Elections Manifesto but the administration has been heavily criticised for not delivering.

However, the PNCR Executive Gary Best told reporters at the party’s weekly press conference today that while constitutional reform remains a priority for the Coalition, it is something it cannot do alone.

However, when questioned as to what was done by the Coalition to reach out to the parliamentary opposition to advance the process of constitutional reform, Best contended that there was always an open-door policy for discussions on the matter but posited that the Coalition is still committed to Constitutional Reform.

Over the past few years, constitutional reform has been before a parliamentary committee.

There is a Constitutional Reform Commission bill that was to be examined by the committee. But there have been accusations made of members of the committee stalling the process.