PM’s salary NOT tax Free


 The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) refutes the claim made by the Guyana Times newspapers that the Prime Minister “enjoys” tax-free salary.

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo
Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo

OPM, in a statement, said this erroneous report was contained in an article captioned ‘Jordon supports salary top up for President, other officials’ that appeared in the March 17 edition of the newspaper.

OPM explained that “the PM’s salary is taxable and amounts to a take- home pay that is far less than the tax-free package which the former Attorney General received”.

OPM notes that the opinions expressed by the Finance Minister are directed at tax-free salaries for the President, the Chancellor, the Chief Justice and the Attorney-General to effect equity before the laws as regards existing requirement that all salary earners ought to pay income taxes.


  1. So why not make it public ,the after tax salary of the PM ,the President, the AG and so on. After all it’s Taxpayer money paying them.

  2. PM’s salary NOT tax Free..
    Yall want to know how Popular is NagaMoook?
    Let the people take a free and fair and transparent vote between NagaMook and Jagdeo in NagaMook birth village Whim.. men whom are power gluts have no shame in achieving it by hook or crook. I rest my case..


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