UPDATE: Korner Kick Manager’s gunshot wound was not self-inflicted- Police


The post mortem examination (PME) conducted on the 21-year-old manager of the Korner Kick Restaurant and Bar has ruled his death inconclusive.

Dead: Tevin Parris

This is according to relatives of the now dead Tevin Parris, of Garnett Street, Georgetown.

However, police in a subsequent statement said that the autopsy conducted by government Pathologist Dr Nehaul Singh has revealed that “Parris died as a result of a single gunshot, where the warhead entered his right nostril and exited the middle of the head. It was not self-inflicted.”

Parris’ body was found in his home by a relative, on Monday morning at around 08:00hrs.

According to information received, the young man’s  body was found in the upper flat of his two storey home with a single gunshot wound to his head and the suspected weapon used, near his corpse.

While police had initially made utterances indicating that Parris may have committed suicide, the young man’s family members were adamant that he was murdered.

According to the police, Parris’ body was handed over to relatives for burial.

Investigations into his murder are currently ongoing.


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