PME expected today for decomposing body found at Foulis


– Body identified as Enmore domestic worker

More than one week after the discovery of a body of an unidentified woman at Foulis Foreshore, East Coast Demerara (ECD), it was positively identified as a domestic worker of Enmore, ECD.

The body was reportedly identified as Indroutie ‘Indra’ Dass of Logwood, Enmore, ECD. At the time of the discovery, the woman’s blouse was pulled to her chest and her pants and undergarment were below her knees thus leaving investigators to believe that she was sexually assaulted.

Dead: Indroutie ‘Indra’ Dass

There was also a yellow metal chain wrapped around the woman’s neck. In addition, a pair of slippers and a hammock was found in close proximity of the body. She was lying face up and her arm sustained a gaping wound. The body was discovered by a man whom had gone to the foreshore.

Loretta Narine, the cousin who identified the body told this publication that the woman went missing 10 days ago after she left home for work. She reportedly worked in the area for several people.

However, after days passed and she did not return home, Narine went to the woman’s house which she shared with her common law husband to enquire. While there, the man claimed that he had not seen the woman but failed to lodge a missing person’s report at the police station.

Nevertheless, after days passed and she did not show up at one of her employer’s house, the businessman and his wife went to the now dead woman’s house to enquire the reason for her not turning up to work but it was at that time, the couple learnt of the woman’s disappearance.

The cousin noted that she recalled listening to the news about a woman’s body being found. “I remember but after they say that the woman was ‘dougla’, we didn’t pay much attention but after we search all ova for Indra, we decided to go to the police station”.

Narine explained that she took the woman’s identification card to the Cove and John Police Station on Wednesday last where they related their story. They were accompanied to the mortuary where they positively identified her cousin’s body.

The woman further stated that after they made the report, the reputed husband and another man were taken into custody to be questioned in connection with the woman’s disappearance and subsequent death. They were nevertheless, released from custody.

A Post Mortem Examination (PME) is expected to be performed today (Friday). The woman leaves to mourn her six children – two of whom are minors and presently cared for by an aunt. Investigations into the woman’s death are on-going.


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