PM says more broadcasting licences will be issued soon


Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, who holds ministerial responsibilities for public information, on Friday said more Radio and Television licences are to be issued under the new Government shortly.

tvNagamootoo said he prefers to see more stations opened up to serve the Guyanese public with a view of improving the quality of broadcast services offered countrywide.

“I am just saying that I would rather see more stations come on board… more people who have the wherewithal should have the opportunity to do so via community stations or national reach, providing they will pay the right fees according to the zone to which they belong,” he explained.

Nagamootoo met with the Board of Directors of the GNBA Friday morning and later revealed that during the meeting, he stressed that it should begin issuing more licences.

“In the consultation we had with this Authority, I urged them to give out licenses to people who had applied for radio and television licences, I urged them to refresh our channel, I urged them to provide new vigour in what hitherto has been a very putrid and contaminated particularly television scenario in Guyana,” Nagamootoo told a gathering at the state broadcaster National Communications Network (NCN).

Meanwhile, Chairman of GNBA Leonard Craig confirmed that the entity is preparing to begin the issuance of more radio and television licenses in a matter of weeks to persons who have submitted applications for some time now.

Craig told the media that there are at least 25 applicants on file and the body is moving to ensure they are processed and the applicants get the all-clear to go on within the next two months or so.

Among the persons who were issued licences by the previous Government were Robert Persaud, the Little Rock Television Station (Berbice), Hits and Jams, Maxwell Thom, Dr Bobby Ramroop, Alfro Alphonso, Haslyn Graham and Anand Persaud.




  1. PM says more broadcasting licences will be issued soon
    Well thank the Good Lord for Mozez Nagababboo no country no army can ever invade Guyana so beat it Venezueal – Brazil and US of A.
    Nagababboo saved Guyanese from peril


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