PM praises new telecoms entity at service demonstration in Rockstone

Prime Minister Mark Phillips with officials of Green Gibraltar INc at the launch in Rockstone

…reiterates commitment to hinterland connectivity at Green Gibraltar Inc. launch

Prime Minister, Brigadier (Ret’d), Mark Phillips on Friday witnessed the launch of the newly-licenced telecommunications company, Green Gibraltar Inc. and a demonstration of its service capabilities via a test unit at Rockstone Village, Region 10.

During his feature remarks at the simple launch ceremony, Prime Minister Phillips reaffirmed the Government's commitment to creating and strengthening partnerships in the field of telecommunications to ensure that people across Guyana are digitally connected.

“We are anxious as a Government because it’s part of our manifesto; we made it clear that in our term in office we will work towards improving connectivity with all our
hinterland locations to the coastland and with the wider world. In other words, we are
committed to bridging the digital divide here in Guyana.”

The Senior Government Official, who also holds the ministerial portfolio for Guyana’s telecommunications sector, explained that the company’s license was granted in March of this year, and applauded the entity for its commitment and hard work to hinterland
broadband access.

“I want to thank all the members of the team and the supporting companies for being
here and having this demonstration, working with the people of Rockstone, who are the
first beneficiaries of Green Gibraltar Inc. in Guyana. As Prime Minister, who also has
ministerial responsibility for ICT connectivity, I’m honoured to be here as part of this

Prime Minister Phillips was also keen to convey that the Government remains open to
all telecommunications investors and companies looking to develop the sector locally.

“We will continue to work with Green Gibraltar and other internet service providers to
ensure that wherever Guyanese live, they are connected digitally.”

The telecommunications company will test its internet connectivity for 90 days free of
charge in the community of Rockstone where residents will be able to access several
services via the internet.