PM Nagamootoo extends condolences on passing of Haslyn Parris


Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo has extended deepest condolences to the family, relatives, friends and colleagues of former Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Haslyn Parris on his recent passing.

Prime Minister Nagamootoo observed that Mr. Parris’ passing will leave a void in the ongoing process of preparing for constitutional reform.

Mr. Parris was a senior, ranking member of the Steering Committee on Constitutional Reform which was set up by Prime Minister Nagamootoo last year, according to a statement from the PM office. Mr. Parris is widely revered as a national institution on constitutional reform.

Haslyn Parris
Haslyn Parris

He had previously served as secretary on the oversight committee that brought the constitutional reform process to legislative fruition. As then chairman of the oversight committee, Prime Minister Nagamootoo worked closely with Mr. Parris and was deeply satisfied and impressed with his thoroughness and steadfastness in ensuring that the process was brought to a conclusion with over 160 recommendations being converted into actual amendments.

Prime Minister Nagamootoo noted that the nation remains deeply indebted to Mr. Parris for his work on constitutional reform and that he leaves as part of his immense legacy, a seminal publication – The Constitution of Guyana: What Will It Look Like?.

Prime Minister Nagamootoo also extends condolences to Mr. Parris’ political colleagues and the leadership and members of his political party – the People’s National Congress.


  1. PM Nagamootoo extends condolences on passing of Haslyn Parris
    Do anyone remembered the beating this PNC member Haslyn Parris took in PNC compound by other PNC members for say that the election were free and fair and PPP won?
    Glad its Naga sending condolences– Naga knows more than anyone else that if Naga make one slip up against PNC he Naga is bound to suffer same fate.


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