PM calls for immediate steps to better manage city’s drainage

Prime Minister Brigadier Ret'd Mark Phillips

Prime Minister, Brigadier (Retired) Mark Phillips has issued a stern warning for Georgetown Mayor Ubraj Narine to bring an immediate end to the nonchalant approach in managing the drainage and other infrastructure of the city, meant to mitigate flooding during the ongoing rainy season.

The Prime Minister has expressed disgust with the mismanagement of key drainage pumps across the city after impromptu checks made on Sunday evening revealed continuing neglect and dereliction of duty, resulting in undue suffering by residents.

Prime Minister, Brigadier (Retired) Mark Phillips
During these checks, the North Ruimveldt pump which drains areas including Alexander Village and North Ruimveldt was turned off, resulting in flooding from heavy rainfall over a 24-hour period.

Meanwhile, pumps at Church, Cowan and Lamaha Streets, Georgetown and Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown were left unattended by operators.

“These actions by the M&CC demonstrate clear dereliction of duty to the citizens of Georgetown, whom they were elected to serve. I strongly believe that this untold suffering thousands of residents are made to face yet again are as a direct result of the M&CC’s laxity with managing the affairs of the city and the unconscionable, unabated political gamesmanship from the mayor, which needs to end now,” Phillips noted.

Further, he lambasted the City Council for its lack of maintenance of Georgetown’s infrastructure, coupled with its continued neglect of the systems which are designed to drain water off the land and cautioned that the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Government would no longer condone such irresponsible and reckless abandonment of duty, since it was counterproductive to the Government’s transformative development plan for the nation’s capital.

In recent months, members of the Government, diplomatic corps, Private Sector, and citizens were engaged in activities aimed at beautification and restoring the cleanliness of the capital city.

PM Phillips wishes to assure citizens of the Government’s commitment through the Local Government and Regional Development Ministry to provide intervention and support for the continued development of the city and the improvement and safeguarding of their lives.