Playful fight between friends ends deadly


A playful fight between two friends ended deadly for one of them when he lost his life after being ‘accidentally’ shot to his abdomen by his friend. 

INews understands that around 15:00h yesterday Nafasie Edghill, of Castello Housing Scheme, Georgetown, was at the Mon Repos village, East Coast Demerara (ECD) when the incident took place. 

gunThe 39-year-old man became involved in a playful scuffle with his friend who is a licensed firearm holder. 

Reports are that the now dead man’s friend had the firearm in his hand at the time of the good-natured wrestling when a round was discharged. 

The bullet struck Edghill to his abdomen and he was rushed to the hospital for emergency medical attention. 

However, he succumbed while receiving treatment at a private medical facility. 

Meanwhile, his friend who is a licensed firearm holder, along with two other men who were in his company at the time of the ‘accidental shooting’ has been arrested. 

They are said to be assisting police ranks with the investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Edghill.


  1. Firearms are not toys,I repeat again too many guns in the hands of untrained and very stupid people, the criminals are having fun and hundreds of guns in the hands of too many but yet NOT a shot fired when the BOSSES ( criminal) are doing their jobs, if is not firearms being taken away,stolen,or some drunk fool misused it,This idot should never be close to a firearm as long as he lives,the rules when you have a firearm is simple.


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