Plans on stream for new school, Police Outpost in Eteringbang


Following a recent meeting with Commander of the ‘F’ Division, Kevin Adonis, a team from the Education Ministry and residents of Eteringbang Region Seven (Cuyuni Mazaruni), the possibility was flouted for the construction of a new school and a Police Outpost.

Over the past years, several persons have lost their lives in the area due to criminal activities especially robberies since the area is known for gold and diamond production.  In addition, there have been several reports of the lack of police presence in the area.

F Division Commander, Kevin Adonis addressing residents of Eteringbang

However, the team from the Education Department comprised of Regional Education Officer, Akbar Chindu, and Deputy Chief Education Officer Ingrid Trotman. Regional Chairman, Gordon Bradford was also a part of the meeting.

A location for the two facilities has reportedly already been identified and is said to be located at the Eteringbang Landing.




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