Plaisance residents protest against new NDC Overseer; Calls made for LGE

Residents shouting at McDonald's replacement, Orlando Jardine


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Residents shouting at the new Overseer [dressed in black suit] during their protest.
Residents shouting at the new Overseer [dressed in black suit] during their protest.
[] – Residents of Plaisance, East Coast Demerara are continuing their protest action, but this time over a decision by Local Government Minister, Norman Whittaker to forcefully remove the current overseer at the Plaisance/Industry Neighborhood Democratic Council (NDC) and install a man who residents say is a former prison warden.

When the alleged former prison warden visited the community this afternoon (October, 01) he was greeted by angry residents who were chanting “get out of Plaisance jailbird” and even prevented him from entering the compound of the Plaisance/Industry NDC.

The residents say they remain resolute and will not allow the current People’s Progressive Party (PPP) administration to impose its way on them and to threaten the livelihood of the current overseer, Debra McDonald, who has being acting in the capacity for the past 15 years, much to the satisfaction of the residents.

An Interim Management Committee (IMC) was installed a few years ago by Government and according to the residents, the IMC members were installed without any consultation and as such they view the IMC as illegal.

Elections Manager for A Partnership for National Unity’s East Coast Demerara, Shawn Austin said McDonald is the person that should remain as overseer of the community since she has the qualification and experience to manage an NDC.

In this regard, the residents are calling on Government to set a date for Local Government Elections so that the people can choose their community representatives.




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  3. Really I love this, it is time we get up stand up and speak up to stop all the wrong and injustice that we have sit back and allow to go on as we sleep. STAND UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT PEOPLE OF PLAISANCE.


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