Plaisance residents continue protest action over disputed land

Residents of Plaisance during their recent protest action.


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Some of the Plaisance residents protesting this morning. [iNews' Photo]
Some of the Plaisance residents protesting this morning. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Residents of Plaisance, East Coast Demerara are up in arms over Government’s move to take a large plot of land from the community to plant cane by GuySuco; however, residents are claiming that the land has been abandoned for over 15 years.

This morning, Wednesday October 1, scores of residents were on the road protesting with placards and chanting against developmental works, which began on the land.

The residents are demanding that Government give them a portion of the land so that they can build homes for their families, instead of renting them.

“We are not prepared to handle that because they already thief a big portion of the land up the front, they thief a big part of the burial ground and we’re not prepared to handle that anymore,” one resident said.

The disputed land. [iNews' Photo]
The disputed land. [iNews’ Photo]
Meanwhile, residents also protested in front of the Neighborhood Democratic Council (NCD) against attempts by the administration to remove the overseers.

The protest action began on Sunday, September 28. Elections Manager for the ECD for A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), Shawn Austin, last week told iNews that the residents were removed from the plot of land where construction is ongoing “so that Government can give to its friends.”Plaisance protest 1

Austin is of the view that Minister of Local Government, Norman Whittaker should have engaged the residents of the community in an effort to have the specific area regularized and developed.

He made it clear that the residents will stand up against Government’s injustice against them.


  1. Gary shame on you is it only one kind of sxxxxxxxkers must build in GT or you are one of them that took the pledge 1people coliee. 1nation coliee only 1dusty nee drugs,murder,rape crime,wholesale fraud,and selling out guyana is that what you think

  2. once lands are abandoned it belonged to pnc supporters…once u leave your house and gone on vacation for more then like 4 weeks pnc supporters move it and your house becomes supporters even took over the village office that middleton and durylane and moved in until it rotted and fell then they moved.,u tink these people would build house if this land was given to them? hell no..they in turn would sell that land and go some place else and start squatting then tell goverment you cant move us since this land all lands all across guyana belong to our ancestors


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