Pitt bull attack: Owner in custody


Law enforcement officials have finally located the owner of a Pitt bull dog, suspected to have mauled a man to death and injured two others at Leonora, West Coast Demerara, on Thursday.

dogCommander of “D” Division, Leslie James, told INews that  the reported owner of the animal is presently in custody and is assisting with the investigation into the incident.

The woman’s brother, who was taken into custody the same day of the attack, has since been released.

The mauled man was said to be in his fifties and residents claimed that he was a “destitute”.

Reports reaching INews indicate that the dog escaped from the yard, thereafter killing the man and injuring two others. Those who suffered were treated at the hospital and sent away. There were also two other Pitt bulls in the yard at the time.

A Police source told INews that the yard in which the animals were being kept was not properly secured.


  1. people need to do the “time” as if they did the crime .. then maybe (just maybe) things might start to change .. a manslaughter charge and jail time and guess what? .. buddy may not want to own another vicious dog in this lifetime … ha !!


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