Piracy massacre…13 to remain in custody as investigation intensifies



Thirteen of the 30 men, who were arrested in connection with the recent deadly attack in Surinamese water will remain in Police custody for the next 30 days as homicide detectives continue their investigations.

Based on reports coming out of the Dutch Speaking country, the court has granted a request by the Police to further detain the men on the basis of conducting a thorough investigation.

In addition, reports are there is sufficient evidence against the men that warrant charges to be instituted. The surviving fishermen, who are cooperating with the Police have since given the lawmen detailed description of the attackers- some fit those who are presently in custody.

Inews was told that one of the men, who were arrested with the others was released by the police after the magistrate concluded that he was in the “wrong place at the wrong time”. He was reportedly in the area making a drop off at the time the suspects were arrested.

However, “Killerman” who was arrested on may 16 for the attempted murder of a Police informant and the murder of Guyanese businessman, Somnath Monohar remains in custody.

He was arrested by the law enforcement agents after they received information from an informant about his whereabouts.  The informant, who according to reports, is an enemy to “Killerman”, was shot to his chest during an attempted execution by the suspect who reportedly drove off the scene with another man in his vehicle.

After leaving the scene, they were pursued by Police ranks who were summoned and the duo was subsequently arrested.

On May 9, it was reported that Monohar’s family allegedly offered US$50,000 as revenge money for his murder. Monohar was killed on March 30 while he and a colleague were standing in front of a relative’s home.

Nevertheless, Nakool Manohar, the brother of the dead man was fingered in the deadly pirate attacks which has left four dead thus far and 11 still missing.

It was reported that Nakool who was only recently arraigned with several piracy related offences and is on remand was on one of the boats that carry out the attack. The boat, Cristina-1 SK 1221 captained by Ron Drepaul was identified by one of the survivors.


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