‘Picture Boy’ sentenced to death – 12-man jury found him guilty during second retrial


By Kizzy Coleman

Cyon Collier, called “Picture Boy”, who was indicted for the 2006 double murder of the two brothers, Ray Walcott called “Sugar” and Carl Andrews, called “Alo”, was on Tuesday sentenced to execution by hanging when a 12-man jury returned with a guilty verdict before Justice Priya Sewnarine-Beharry at the High Court.

Upon the conclusion of the trial, Justice Sewnarine-Beharry gave a summary of both the prosecution’s and defence’s submissions to the jury.

Cyon Collier, called “Picture Boy”
Cyon Collier, called “Picture Boy”

After three hours of deliberation, in a courtroom filled with family members of both the accused and deceased, the guilty verdict was read.

Collier was convicted of killing the men on September 23, 2006 at Victoria Village, East Coast Demerara. Upon hearing the ruling of the court, he first pleaded for leniency. He then faced the family members of the deceased and begged for their forgiveness and mercy.

Collier looked to the sky as the decision was read and then bowed his head in defeat. He was escorted out of the courtroom by Police ranks and taken to the prison.

Family members of the dead brothers thanked the Court, stating that justice was served.

Godfrey Andrews, the father of the deceased, thanked God. “Mankind can hide from man, but not God. Justice was served, it has been years that we have been struggling to cope with what happened to our sons and worst seeing justice not being served, but finally we are very happy and have no one else to thank but God,” he said.

The mother of the deceased, June Andrews lifted her hands heavenward with a smile of satisfaction on her face.

This was Collier’s second retrial after the previous trials ended in a hung jury.

On the dreadful day that the 31- and 34-year-old men lost their lives, Collier rode up on a motorcycle, stopping where the two men and a group were playing dominoes.

He chatted with the group for some time after which he pulled out a gun and started shooting at them.

Both of the men were wounded, with Andrews sustaining at least three gunshot wounds.

(Guyana Times)



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