Photos of Sanata Complex expose lies peddled by Kaieteur News


In another response to the ‘malicious, fictitious and libellous’ article published in today’s Kaieteur News, the Ramroop Group of Companies has released some photos showing the state of the Sanata Complex before its privatisation.
In an invited comment on the vicious attack by the Glenn Lall-owned Kaieteur News, Dr Ranjisinghi ‘Bobby’ Ramroop slammed the newspaper for continuing to peddle lies about his group of companies and the Sanata Complex, pointing out that contrary to the libellous claims being peddled by Lall’s newspaper, the Government did not “spend a single cent” to clean up the Sanata Complex.
Dr Ramroop said, “I want to state categorically that after the lease, the Government of Guyana did not spend a single cent on the cleanup or any other expense that went into rehabilitating what was at that time buildings reverting back to a jungle. Glenn Lall, has been peddling this misinformation and lie since 2008, when we launched the Guyana Times. At this time I think he is struggling for relevance and should get some professional help.”

The following photos were released by the Ramroop Group of Companies, showing the Sanata Complex prior to its privatisation.

The photos show the entrance to the textile production facility of the Sanata complex at the time of privatization; vandalised electrical panels, an old maintenance building, an old access road; the state of the internal textile production areas; the old Sanata Textile Mills canteen.

The Ramroop Group of Companies also pointed out that, at the time of acquisition, the entire Sanata Complex was in a state of disrepair.
“Fences had fallen apart; drains were blocked; roads were inaccessible; vegetation was overgrown; garbage was prevalent; equipment and installations were vandalised beyond repair; the buildings were infested with termites and unfit for occupation; and there was also flooding in some sections despite it being the dry season,” the group recalled.

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  1. Dem Boys sey that Adam is Lall bedfellow that’s why he writes share Filth in the Waterfall Papers-.The MCC should do a clean-up there where only Filth exists-Tek half and left half

  2. Photos of Sanata Complex expose lies peddled by Kaieteur News.
    You guys ent figure it out as yet why the Mooklall KN man belting PPP and their people and PPP and their people cant touch the Mookster- like law suits–just one would put him out of business but not in any court in Guyana since the Mooksterlall is well connected to those that are well connected to those in the judiciary?
    Who has the Mookster back? The US the PNC and PNC thugs whom are ready willing and able to do whats necessary to defend the Mookster who himself is a known killa.
    Why the Mooksterlall diging the shaft in PPP and their boys?
    You dont have to be rocket scientist to figure it out..
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    Former GRA big man Sattaur used to make deals with the Mook man when the Mook man was robbing the tax coffers..In short– the Mookster got PPP right where he wants them..Remember the Mook man took photos of Ashni fence which turned out to be lies? Remember the Mook man took photos of Amailia falls dried up which happens once a year before water gushes back over it???
    Well guess what??
    PPP and none in PPP ever made the Mook man paid for his peddled lies.


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