Photographer robbed at gunpoint


A local photographer on Sunday morning took to social media to report a brazen attack in which he was held at gunpoint and relieved of his possessions the vicinity of Vlissengen Road, Georgetown.
The former media operative, Dwayne Hackett, was at the time making his way to a nearby shop when the robbery transpired.

Photographer Dwayne Hackett

Hackett indicated that en route, at around 07:15h, he noticed a man on a bicycle approaching in the opposite direction along the street. The man then stopped, seemingly to urinate but subsequently turned around and pulled out a gun directed at him instead.
Hackett relayed, “I heard the gun being cocked as he turned to me and demanded, “Gimme all that yuh gah”.”
The photographer indicated that he had in his possession a total of $2200 with which he was about to purchase coffee along with other items.
Hackett continued, “That he took. I quietly walked away as he rode off on his bicycle. I did not look back to see where he went.”
Moreover, the victim went on to say that he was greeted by a lone Police Officer about 100 metres away from where the incident occurred, who was at the time among a presidential motorcade heading to the Botanical Gardens for the commemoration of the 32nd death anniversary of former President Forbes Burnham.
Despite the rank being stationed in close proximity to where the armed robbery took place, Hackett was advised to make an official report at a Police station.
On that note, the photographer expressed in his Facebook post, “I really feel it’s a waste of time to go to the station.” Nevertheless, he conveyed that the Police have taken his statement and an investigation has been launched.
Meanwhile, Hackett pointed out that while he received no physical injuries, the experience was a traumatising one.
This was not the first armed attack against the photographer as he told this publication that back in February of 2015 he was among a group of persons who was robbed by a gang of armed bandits, caring AK47s at Grove, East Bank Demerara. (Ashraf Dabie)



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