Phagwah demonstrates vibrant intertwining of Guyana’s rich diversity – ERC


The Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) takes this opportunity to extend to all
Guyanese, especially our Hindu brothers and sisters, greetings on the occasion of
Phagwah or Holi; a national holiday. Over time, this event has transcended
religious boundaries to become a truly and much anticipated national festival. It is
one that serves to bring Guyanese from all walks of life together as evident by the
sense of fun and frolic that have become its hallmark.

However, this year’s observances are hampered by COVID-19 and the
Commission urges all to celebrate with restraint, but internalize its significance.

Significant is its underlying messages of the triumph of good over evil as
exemplified by the story of Prahalad and which continues to be an inspiration for
the advancement of humanity.

Characteristic of this joyous occasion is the plethora of colours that mix and engulf
the landscape. That not only signifies the advent of spring and the blooming of
flowers, but in the context of our dear nation, a demonstration of the vibrant
intertwining of our rich diversity that creates that enviable and beautiful
kaleidoscope that defines who we are as a people.

It is a reflection of what can be achieved from a combination of efforts as we
endeavor together for the realization of our national motto. It is also demonstrative
of how as a nation we embrace our cultural diversity.

That therefore, offers pertinent lessons for us all and an impetus for increased and sustained efforts to build upon our strengths and improve on weaknesses. It allows for the
enhancement of our capacity to overcome inherent challenges to foster togetherness.

The Commission also takes this opportunity to urge utmost respect for the occasion
and for it to be observed and celebrated as advised by the authorities. Phagwah also marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year; it therefore offers us all that opportunity to take stock in gauging our strengths and weaknesses and for the imbuing of a sense of renewal of our well-intended endeavours.