Phagwah celebrations is another expression of Guyana’s rich diversity


The Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) joins with the Hindu community and indeed all other Guyanese in celebrating this year’s Festival of Holi.

Though it has its roots in the Hindu community, this Festival is generally recognised as an integral part of our Guyanese social and cultural history and Holi has evolved into a truly national celebration.

Holi, popularly known as Phagwah, is now embraced by numerous sections of the population and is yet another expression of our diversity. GAWU sees the togetherness in joyous colourful celebrations on this occasion as an example of the need to forge common efforts to bring about and ensure the well-being, peace of mind and steady enhancement of the prosperity of our people. The spirit of celebration widely is well manifested on this occasion and is testimony to the good prospects we have to strengthen our nation and overcome divisiveness.

GAWU realizes that the messages of unity, goodwill and optimism exchanged during such Festivals as Christmas, Mashramani, Eid and Phagwah are positive contributions to instill hope and productive relationships between our people and build strong foundations for our future generations. In this regard, we feel that discriminating practices, whatever their form and a callous attitude to sections of the population will not serve to promote a national environment of trust, confidence and genuine togetherness so vital to peace and a healthy economy.

It is appropriate to recall the narrative linked to Phagwah which speaks of the defeat of intrigues and the triumph of a just cause. Indeed, as we take such sentiments into account, the GAWU cannot ignore that Phagwah 2021 comes as we celebrate the one year anniversary of the defeat of the anti-democratic forces in our society. The festival of Holi teaches that the overcoming of adversity and difficulty even in the face of daunting challenges is possible. Such teachings, undoubtedly, are instructive at this time of national anxiety.

May the understanding associated with Festivals like Holi lead to a united and better country where our people of different faiths will take pride in our progress and developments knowing that a secure future is the aspiration, we all cherish.

Happy Holi 2021 from GAWU!