Persons urged to be “extremely cautious” when traversing West Berbice area


The Ministry of Home Affairs is urging persons to be extremely cautious in attempting to traverse the West Coast Berbice area which “is still unsettled due to illegal road blocks and attacks on civilians”.

According to the Ministry, the area is reported as returning to some normalcy, but persons are advised to still restrict travel to urgent and emergency journeys only, until further advised.

Divisional Commander Edmond Cooper, at around 13:50hrs today, told INews that the situation so far has been relatively quiet.

Nevertheless, members of the Joint Services are stationed at strategic points throughout the West Berbice corridor from Number Two Village to Mahaicony.

Additionally, with assistance from the law enforcement officials, vehicles are being allowed to traverse.

Protests have erupted in communities in West Coast Berbice (WCB) following the discovery of the badly-mutilated bodies of cousins 19-year-old Joel and 16-year-old Isaiah Henry on Sunday.

The protests started off as a movement for justice, however, they quickly descended into lawlessness with the blocking of roads; innocent persons being attacked and robbed; and private properties destroyed. In fact, as a result of high tensions in West Berbice communities, two persons have tragically lost their lives amid the protests.

They are 17-year-old Haresh Singh, and 34-year-old Prettipaul Hargobin.