Pepper spraying bandits rob Pritipaul Singh Investment employee


…stole the man’s bird and birdcage among other things

A supervisor attached to Pritipaul Singh Investment was on Wednesday morning robbed of his bird, birdcage, cash amounting to $40,000 and his wallet with his Identification Card while in the vicinity of his work place’s entrance, located in Providence, East Bank Demerara.

The victim, 51-year-old Shafeek Azeez of Eccles, East Bank Demerara, said that the incident occurred at around 06:45hrs.

Enquires disclosed that Azeez was heading to work on his motorcycle, riding on the eastern side of the main road, when he observed two unmasked men on a black motorcycle bearing licence plates CH 9420 riding past him on the Eccles main road, East Bank Demerara.

The victim said that he again noticed the men in the vicinity of the Demerara Harbour Bridge, by the M&M snackette and he rode past.

Azeez recalled that as he approached Providence, in the vicinity of the GuyOil Gas Station, the two men on the motorcycle overtook him and went into the entrance of Pritipaul Singh Investment, leaving him behind them.

The suspects reportedly turned around and stopped the supervisor, while the pillion rider dismounted, whipped out a gun and pointed it at the middle aged man.

INews understands that at this point, the perpetrator relieved Azeez of his birdcage while his accomplice attempted to douse the man with pepper spray.

The bandit, armed with the pepper spray can, then pushed his hand in the 51-year-old’s left side pocket and pulled out his wallet containing cash and ID.

The duo then made good their escape north along the main road.

Investigations are ongoing.


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