Pensioner shot, robbed by motorcycle bandits


A 70-year-old pensioner is now nursing a gunshot wound to her right arm after she was shot during a robbery on Tuesday.

The woman was attacked at around 13:15h while on Laluni Street, Queenstown.

INews was informed that the woman and her husband went to a city bank earlier on Tuesday where an undisclosed sum of cash was withdrawn.

The couple then proceeded to several other locations in their motorcar after which a stop was made in Laluni Street to purchase drinking water.

However while the woman’s husband exited the motor vehicle and entered the business establishment, two men rode up on a motorcycle alongside the vehicle where the woman was seated alone.

The pillion rider reportedly dismounted and grabbed the victim’s bag, however she fought back while holding unto the said handbag.

This prompted the man to whip out a firearm from his waist which he used to discharge a round in the direction of the woman.

The men then quickly escaped in an unknown direction on their motorcycle.

The woman was quickly picked up and rushed to a medical institution where she was treated and said to be in a stable condition.


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