Pensioner seriously injured following home invasion

The house at Devonshire Castle Essequibo Coast

[] –A 74 – year – old pensioner, Ashburn Mazarine of Devonshire Castle Essequibo Coast is seriously injured after he was attacked by thieves on Sunday March 08, at his home.

The pensioner and his wife were at home sleeping when they were awoken by a noise; upon checking the man came under attack with broken bottles and bricks, which was hurled at him through a window that was opened in the kitchen.

The pensioner said he screamed for help as the items hit him. He sustained injuries about his body, including cuts to his face and head. According to the pensioner, as the thieves tried to kill him, his wife hid.

The elderly man rears livestock for a living and noted that this is the second time his home has been invaded. During the last invasion, a close relative was brutally raped and he was beaten to the state of unconsciousness.

This recent attack has forced Mazarine to leave his home over fear for his life. Meanwhile, residents of Old Road Devonshire Castle are calling on the Police to patrol more frequently in the village, particularly late at night. The village has formed a vigilante group in an effort to make the community safer.