Pensioner robbed, stabbed and beaten by family friend


A 69-year-old man of Lamaha Place, South Ruimveldt Park, Georgetown is nursing stab wounds about his body after he was attacked and robbed by a family friend.

Patrick Harris was on Wednesday stabbed to the head and arm, and robbed of $80,000 in cash at around midday by a shopping centre located at North Ruimveldt.

The man’s granddaughter told this publication that the man who attacked the pensioner is a family friend, who works as a minibus tout at the Stabroek Market.

On the day in question, the pensioner noticed the friend at the bus park and the duo joined a bus together, heading for North Ruimveldt.

Harris stopped short to pay some bills, leaving the perpetrator in the bus. After transacting his business, Harris joined another bus and stopped off at the last entrance.  The pensioner’s granddaughter said her grandfather then went to use a urinal at the shopping centre.

While Harris was urinating, the family friend approached the man from behind, and began stabbing him to his head.

Eyewitnesses told INews that the pensioner began fighting back in, but the suspect began stabbing him again.

The “family friend” attempted to stab Harris for a third time, but the elderly man tried blocked the knife and was stabbed to his arm instead. With no more fight left in him, the pensioner relaxed while the suspect relieved him of $80,000 before making his escape.

The pensioner’s granddaughter said is in shock. She explained that the family friend, “in his younger days, he would come up by our back steps and ask for anything, food, fruits, anything. Never in my wildest dreams I’d think that this young man would do such. My grandfather could have died.”

Harris was rushed to the Kitty Health Centre, where he received medical attention.

A report was later lodged at the North Ruimveldt Police Outpost. According to Harris’s family, he is still traumatized by the incident.

Investigations are ongoing.