Pensioner among four homeless in Fire



The house which was destroyed by the fire. [iNews' Photo]
The house which was destroyed by the fire. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – A pensioner, his granddaughter and two great grandchildren are now homeless after their lot 99 Onion Field La Bonne Intention home went up in flames.

Residents told iNews ( that the fire started at approximately 13.30 hrs, while the pensioner, Dhanpaul was sleeping.

The pensioner said that he imbibed with his Son – in – Law earlier and then decided to take a nap.

He said that when he entered the home he felt a heat. He recalled looking into the bedroom his great grandchildren shared when he saw a fire. He nevertheless went to his bed.

The burnt house. [iNews' Photo]
The burnt house. [iNews’ Photo]
Dhanpaul said that shortly after he was awaken by someone who called him out of the house stating that the house was on fire. He said that the two children would usually play with matches in home. They were not at home at the time of the fire and were at school.

Dhanpaul is now homeless. [iNews' Photo]
Dhanpaul is now homeless. [iNews’ Photo]
The man said that he lost everything in the fire. The fire service responded promptly to the scene and was able to prevent the fire from spreading to the other nearby houses. The investigations are ongoing. [Leroy Smith]


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