Pegasus Hotel not competing with others with US$100M expansion, says Badal


The Pegasus Hotel in Georgetown has unveiled plans to build, as part of a US$100 million expansion project, two high-rise structures: one a corporate office, and the other for residential accommodation.

A impression of what the two new high rise structures will look like next to the old one

A sod-turning ceremony to commence the project was conducted on Thursday morning, during which the hotel’s owner, Robert Badal, disclosed that the expansion signifies confidence in the Guyana economy.

He said the China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) has been contracted to complete the construction works, which would begin immediately.

Badal was clear that the expansion is not to compete with any other hotel.

Business Minister Dominic Gaskin commended the hotel on its expansion plans, and used the opportunity to reiterate Government’s commitment to the private sector development.


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