‘Peeping Tom’ caught spying on woman in shower – charges dismissed against him

A South Cummingsburg man branded the ‘Peeping Tom’ had all the charges dismissed against him when he appeared in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts before Magistrate Judy Latchman.
Jason Sobers, dubbed the 'peeping tom'
Jason Sobers, dubbed the ‘Peeping Tom’

Jason Sobers was charged with breaching the peace. It was alleged that on November 10, 2015, at Rosemary Lane, South Cummingsburg, Georgetown, he was caught spying on Yolanda Samuels.

According to the prosecution’s case, on the day in question, while Samuels was taking a shower, she heard a sound coming from outside her bathroom. When Samuels looked in the direction of the sound, she discovered Sobers peeping at her. Samuels then threw a bucket filled with water on the man, the prosecution added.
Both Sobers and Samuels were charged, Samuels being charged with assault for throwing water on Sobers.
Sobers was granted $30,000 bail. When the matter was recalled to court on four occasions, Samuels failed to make an appearance and as such, Magistrate Latchman was forced to dismiss the matter.



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