Pedestrian killed at Ruby identified as NWD labourer


The pedestrian who was killed by two drunken drivers along the Ruby Public Road, East Bank Essequibo was identified as 44-year-old Shurman Daniels of Kamwatta, North West District. The man’s body was positively identified by his sister.

It was reported that the now dead man was walking in the centre of the road when he was stuck down by motorcar PRR 459 and PWW 6353. Both drivers were reported under the influence of alcohol at the time of the fatal accident.

It was reported that motor car PRR 459 was proceeding west along the roadway when it struck down the pedestrian. In addition, after the first blow, another car, PWW 6353, which was also proceeding in the same direction, hit Daniels.

Public-spirited residents reportedly picked up the pedestrian and rushed him to the Leonora Cottage Hospital but he was pronounced dead.  Both drivers were taken into custody and were found to be above the legal limit of alcohol consumption.

The police on Sunday confirmed that the drivers remains in custody and are expected to be charged soon.


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