Pedal cyclist hospitalised after being struck by truck

The truck that struck the pedal cyclist
The truck that struck the pedal cyclist

A Berbice, Corentyne,  man is hospitalisrd with a fractured leg after he was struck by a truck on Friday.

The incident occurred sometime around 10:15h on the Springlands Public Road.

Injured is 54-year-old Ramnarine Jagai of #77 Housing Scheme, Corentyne.

According to police reports, the pedal cyclist was proceeding north along the western side of the road ahead of the motor lorry and as the pedal cyclist approached a motorcar that was parked facing north on the western side of the said road, the pedal cyclist proceeded in a north-easterly direction to pass the said car.

The lorry which was proceeding in the said direction behind the cyclist proceeded to pass both the cyclist and the parked car when the left side tray collided with the pedal cyclist.

As a result of the collision the pedal cyclist fell onto the road surface where he received injuries. He was picked up in a conscious condition by public-spirited persons and taken to the Skeldon Public Hospital where he was seen and examined by a doctor who treated and referred him to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital where he was further seen and examined and later admitted in the male surgical ward suffering from an open fracture to the right ankle.

Notice of intended prosecution served. Breath analyzer test conducted which recorded zero readings. The driver, a 34-year-old resident of Yakusari South, Black Bush Polder, is in custody assisting with the investigations.