PCA Chairman rubbishes GHRA comments following police beating death of Fisherman

Asif Rahim's swollen face after the alleged police beating.


By Tracey Khan – Drakes


Cecil Kennard
Cecil Kennard

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) Justice Cecil Kennard has rubbished the comments by the Guyana Human Rights Association (GHRA), as it relates to the death of Fisherman, Asif Rahim, who was allegedly beaten to death by ranks of the Leonora Police Station.

The (GHRA) in a media release stated that the PCA needs to be more proactive especially in matters involving Police brutality. It expressed disappointment that the case could be compromised since Rahim’s wife was unable to identify the perpetrators.

The GHRA noted that “apart from the reason she has provided, namely, it was dark and she didn’t get a good view of the Police; she may also suspect she is being drawn into a set-up.”

Only recently Kennard expressed disappointment that Rahim’s, wife Soorsattie Chandrapaul was unwilling to attend an ID parade of the Police officers.

Speaking to iNews on Monday (December, 09), Kennard said that he is now in possession of all the relevant statements and medical reports relating to the case.

He questioned the logic behind the GHRA suggestion that he accompany Rahim’s wife to the ID parade.

Dead: Asif Rahim
Dead: Asif Rahim

“They expect me to go with the wife at the station for the identification parade? They are talking a lot of rubbish…the statement they made that I should accompany the woman to the ID parade is total nonsense when the woman is not prepared to go to the ID parade,” Kennard told iNews.

He made it clear that he was never criticized in his capacity as PCA’s Chairman for his performance.

“Human Rights don’t seem to know how the Police Complaints Authority works; they could have sought a comment from me before they go and make that silly statement that I should accompany the wife of decease to the ID parade; if the woman doesn’t want to attend what will we do, take a bulldozer and take her there?”

He instead questioned why the GHRA has overlooked more important matters to the Guyanese people and is looking to attack him.



  1. The only way this will STOP, is when the true young bright indians serve the forces,,,until such time you will have to hire ppl who have little time and NO respect for the uniform and the LAW,,,,

  2. GHRA is a one-man outfit:He is not a Guyanese;Heis not concerned with Human Rights but Criminal Rights; Who ever heard of a one man Association? Everone should ignore this senile fellow calling himself GHRA.

  3. All Guyanese by now know GHRA is mouth and another arm of PNC who cries their guts out when well known bandits are killed in police shoot out.
    GHRA and PNC and the news carriers must take a look and see how some police scams are working…police will go pick up a bunch of people well known to police for ID parade..then ask the victims to ID the criminal..the victim can not ID the criminal because none of those on police ID were not no way near the crime scene..in the mean time the real criminal gone on with blessings of GHRA PNC AND ROGUE POLICE TO CARRY MORE CRIMES.


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