Payments for GRO, immigration support services now possible through MMG

Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn

Persons seeking to make payments for services offered by the Guyana Register Office (GRO) and Immigration Support Services can now do so through Mobile Money Guyana (MMG).

This was made possible through a partnership between the Ministry of Home Affairs and MMG Inc.

During the launching ceremony today, it was emphasised that the implementation of this digital payment service will help to alleviate the hassle of persons having to travel from far areas to access basic services.

Some of the services for which persons can now make online payments include marriage certificates, birth certificates, and death certificates.

Home Affairs Minister, Robeson Benn expressed his relief for having more efficient and reliable services being implemented into the system as he boasted the advancement of the country.

“Our country…is at its most exciting and propitious time, and we cannot fail to raise the quality, level of service, level of customer service, level of interface, the speed and quickness of which we provide that service if we want to truly benefit from that which is upon us,” Benn remarked.

“I am pleased that we are finally at this point. When we took office, originally the first few things we thought of in terms of providing more efficient…services to the public was putting more and more things online,” Benn added.

General Manager of MMG, Bobita Ram also stressed that importance of advancing to the digital economy as she highlighted some of the difficulties faced by persons having to visit government agencies to pay for documents and other services.

“Think of the convenience this brings to the companies which are not located in the city or do not wish to have their employees carry around cash to make payments, this is truly enabling a digital economy,” Ram boasted.

Over the last year, MMG has implemented the option of digital payment for a variety of services across the country including, payment for fuel at the Sol Service Station, ferry passes, mortgage payments with NBS, and even payment for license packages at the Guyana Police Force (GPF).

MMG also intends to extend its service of paying bills to the Guyanese diaspora next year.