Patient who showed up with coronavirus symptoms at Mackenzie Hospital transferred to GPHC

Acting Medical Superintendent of the Hospital, Dr Joseph London

The Linden Hospital Complex (LHC) has confirmed that a patient showed up at the Mackenzie Hospital yesterday (Monday) where he demonstrated several respiratory symptoms. His condition worsened and several tests were conducted on him.

However, the hospital decided to have the patient transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital where a higher level of care is expected to be provided urgently.
The hospital, in ensuring that all measures were taken, has since met individually with the attending staff and reassured them on several issues and concerns that they had.
Acting Medical Superintendent of the Hospital, Dr Joseph London who met with several of the staff said that the hospital has taken a more aggressive role in addressing several issues and concerns that staff and members of the public have from time to time.
He said that management at the hospital is cognizant that persons are tense and are fearful and as such, they continue to reassure their staff about their well-being, while ensuring that all standing operating procedures are followed.
“I personally met with several staff members yesterday and assured them of the hospital’s position and ability to address any issue/s that we are confronted with. We are following all standard operating procedures and the reality is that the man was transferred because he needed a much higher level of care and Georgetown will be handling that matter,” Dr London said.
Dr London urged members of the public to stay away from rumours, warning that it has the potential of creating undue panic.