Passenger traffic goes up by 6% at CJIA for January 2016


Passenger traffic at Guyana’s main port of entry – Cheddi Jagan International Airport Corporation (CJIAC) – rose by six percent for the month of January 2016, according to a media release from the Corporation.

The airport’s statistics department revealed 17,728 passengers arrived last month compared to 16,667 passengers for the same period in 2015.CJIA

According to Ramesh Ghir, CJIAC’s Chief Executive Officer, the proliferation in passenger numbers is due to leisure travel and increased business and tourism activities.

Analytical data also indicate that the airlines – Caribbean Airlines, Dynamic Airways, COPA, Suriname Airways, Fly Jamaica and Insel Air – have recorded an increase in passenger movement for the month.

“Our forecast for the next few months indicates there will be a huge influx of visitors to celebrate our Golden Jubilee activities in May. Management for its part will be working to advance our infrastructure and services provided including Immigration and Customs to ensure a smooth process through the terminal building,” Mr. Ghir added.

Meanwhile, in anticipation of a modernised terminal building and extended runway,  the CEO along with other Government officials have been aggressively courting a number of North American and Latin American airlines to ply the Georgetown route.

Airline executives look for unserved destinations with enormous potential and Guyana is one such destination due to heightened investments in oil and precious mineral explorations. Such investments attract yielding premium passengers which serve as a bonus for airlines serving any route.








  1. Alesha I am quite sure you leave Guyana in the PPP reign. Maybe you are afraid to go back to Guyana because you have some gready ass teefing family you are afraid to be around that’s why you’re not going back to Guyana or maybe you can’t afford to cough up a ticket in order to make a trip home.

  2. Passenger traffic goes up by 6% at CJIA for January 2016
    Darn too bad the US pulled PNC Dr Blackman off his flight with his 30000 uS$$ off his flight to Guyana if not this would have boost up arrivals a tad Guyanese would be getting back such a great PNC dr who just dabble in legal drugs..maybe it was Bunham son in law the dr West Charles made him into a dat pnc dr is now water man

  3. What stupidity is this? HELLO WORLD – Moses was in the USA a few weeks ago where he was egg down suggesting the Guyanese abroad wants nothing to do with these crooks! If you take careful notice, ALL the business people are getting killed due to the spiralling crime waves across Guyana – lack of economic skills by the government to create jobs are converting the PNC supporters into robbers. When the Army is in control of the country – this is what you get- CRIME! This regime needs to stop lie to the public….the only people travelling in and out of Guyana is the HIGH END PNC supporters and the ABC countries rep trying to put more foot into Guyana…NO ONE ELSE! I live in Canada and every Guyanese you speak to – whether at the temple, church or mosque, they are afraid to step foot into Guyana…In Fact, look at the stats: Caribbean Airline had airfare for Easter @ $900, they just reduced it to $700….suggesting NO ONE IS GOING TO GUYANA…STOP Duping the PUBLIC with fake data you bunch of crooks!


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