Passenger robbed by other occupants on way to Georgetown, two arrested

Police say an investigation has been launched into a robbery which occurred at about 1415h. on June 26, 2016, committed on Shan Goasu, of Regent Street, Georgetown.
Reports say Goasu, age 47, was heading to Georgetown in a taxi which had two other occupants. While at No. 2 Village, West Coast Berbice, the driver drove the taxi along a lonely road, when one of the suspects choked him and relieved him of one gold chain, one gold ring, $300,000 cash, one iPhone, a passport and $2500 Suriname Dollars.
investigationThe matter was reported at Blairmont Police Station and the police, acting upon information, arrested two men at Church View International Hotel, at Main Street, New Amsterdam.
A search was conducted on the men during which, $200,000 cash, $2500 Suriname Dollars, one iPhone, a passport and a bag containing clothing which belongs to Shan Goasu were found.
The suspects are in police custody assisting with the investigations. 


  1. The only way to get rid of these bandits is to shoot them dead and rid Guyana of this malady. The Police must do their job clinically.


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