Parliamentarians visit Female Lockups, Sophia Children Centre and Juvenile Holding Centre



Visit 1[] – The Parliamentary Sectoral Committee on Social Services on Friday (June 13), visited the Amerindian Hostel, the East La Penitence Female Lockups, the Sophia Children Centre and the Juvenile Holding Centre.

The group which undertook the visit included the Chairperson, Volda Lawrence, Vice-Chaiperson, Indranie Chandarpal, Dr. Vindya Persaud, Mabel Baveghems, John Adams, Valerie Garrida-Lowe and other support staff from the Parliament Office.

Lawrence explained that the decision to visit these institutions was a result of concerns raised by the public.

“The Committee examines whether institutions are equipped to meet their mandate and whether complaints we receive have merit”, she said. She said the committee looks to see what recommendations for improvements it can make.

At the various locations the Committee met and interacted with occupants and staff and toured the facilities.

While the Chairperson was not ready to disclose the Committee’s findings before they were presented to the National Assembly, she did note that all of the administrators they met were cordial, and engaged in open and frank discussions.

She also revealed that the Committee did find many areas at the various facilities where improvements are needed. Where possible, the Committee made on the spot recommendations to the administrators for simple improvements. This will be followed by the official report.

The Committee has a responsibility to scrutinize and examine policies and administration for each sector under its purview and to determine whether they are in consonance with the principles of good governance.




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