Parliament sitting postponed at Govt’s request, says Clerk

The Opposition MPs turned up for today's siitting but were told that the sitting was called off
The Opposition MPs turned up for today’s siitting but were told that the sitting was called off

The postponement of Friday’s sitting of the National Assembly, just one day after the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) filed a no-confidence motion against the APNU/AFC Coalition,  was done at the request of the Government themselves.

Opposition Members of Parliament who turned up at the National Assembly on Friday were greeted with empty chairs from the Government’s side of the House. Government MPs had not shown up and those present from the Opposition’s side were informed the sitting was postponed approximately 15 minutes before the scheduled start.

When questioned, Clerk of the National Assembly Sherlock Issacs related that Government requested the postponement.

The request, he said, was filtered through Speaker of the National Assembly Dr. Barton Scotland.

Mr. Sherlock E. Isaacs, Clerk of the National Assembly.

Asked if there was a reason for the request, Issacs noted that there was none.

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo announced yesterday that the  PPP has filed a no-confidence motion against the Government.

Jagdeo had said that it is the hope of his Party that the country benefits from the motion, which is aimed at shaking the Government back to its senses and halting the ‘destruction’ of Guyana.

The Opposition Leader added that it was made clear at the recently held Local Government Elections (LGE), where the PPP/C recorded massive wins in the majority of constituencies across Guyana, and with a whopping 45,000 votes more than the APNU, that citizens are unhappy with the direction and policies of the APNU/AFC Government.

Dr. Barton Scotland, Speaker of the National Assembly

At the half empty Parliament Chambers, Jagdeo reiterated some of his expectations regarding the motion.

In a brief statement this evening, the Government, through the Department of Public Information (DPI) said that the  postponement of the scheduled sitting of the National Assembly from (today) Friday to Monday November 19th, was as a result of the motion of no-confidence which was filed yesterday by the PPP.

“Given the submission of a Motion of No-Confidence yesterday, the Government felt it necessary and urgent to convene a meeting to apprise and brief all Members of Parliament”.

According to the statement, the Clerk of the National Assembly has confirmed that the sitting will be held on Monday next, and all Members of Parliament have been formally notified.


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