Anti-Parking Meter protest gains traction

File photo: In 2017 hundreds of protestors gathered in front of City Hall protesting against the controversial parking meters contract

The Movement Against Parking Meters (MAPM) held its second protest today and saw a much larger crowd of persons coming out in support of their calls for the controversial parking meter project to be scrapped.

Hundreds of persons were seen holding placards against the parking meter initiative, while this time around; no one was counteracting the protest in front of City Hall.

Moreover,  the Mayor and Town Clerk were not in sight.

Compared to last week’s protest where persons called for differing outcomes, such as, that the project be suspended or the rates be reduced, today’s protest saw a resounding call for the project to be scrapped.

Businessman, Nazim Hussain of MAPM told the media “I have no problem with development in the country, I have no issue with parking meters and paying a nominal fee but I have an issue with how this particular project was being implemented, forced down the throat of the Guyanese people and public relations of course sucks. We are not treated like if we are Guyanese, you have to hustle with your car and run out, quick… this is like a state far beyond the Police. The bottom line is… we are saying this is an atrocity committed on the Guyanese nation.”

“Cancel the whole contract. We don’t want a reduction, we want the parking meter scrapped!,” another protester said.

After an hour long of the peaceful protest, and a no show from members of City Hall, the crowd disbursed after concluding with the National Anthem.

See more Carl Croker photos below:


  1. Thank you Carl. Fantastic job with the pix. Keep it up. Honestly, I don’t care about some posters that suggest vulgar and abusive tone. Keep the good work up.

  2. Thank you Inews. Your photographer manage to capture people of all class and race. Last Friday’s protest ……………………the Madam Mayor penned a letter to KN stating that it was an organized PPP protest. In SN some bloggers blogged saying that PPP paid the protestors to protest. Yet at today’s protest, the town clerk neither the mayor, nor SCS representative can be seen. Again Thanks for the pix.

  3. Why is it so hard for politicians and civil leaders to admit they made a mistake and go back. If the contract was not made in the legal manner, it now needs to follow the correct process.


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