Parika woman recalls moment her husband died in her arms

Alex Morgow and Joyann Atkinson during happier times
Alex Morgow and Joyann Atkinson during happier times

A 36-year-old woman who resides at Parika Backdam, East Bank Essequibo is mourning the death of her husband, 20-year-old Alex Morgow who was fatally stabbed by his sister who is now in police custody.

According to police, Morgow was stabbed once to his chest by his sister who had intervened to part a physical altercation between him and his wife, Joyann Atkinson.

However, Atkinson told this publication that the police’s account of the events leading up to her husband’s murder is not entirely accurate.

INews caught up with the woman on the roadway, as she was making her way to a friend’s house in the village.

Joyann explained that she and her sister-in-law had gone to the market earlier in the day, and that after that, they visited a friend of her sister-in-law. During the visit, the sister-in-law was consuming alcohol.

All the time, the 20-year-old man was working. Upon their return home, Joyann said she began to prepare dinner for her husband.

However, she explained that her husband started an argument with her over the quality of her food.

“He tell me must feel it [the rice] because the rice been little hard, and then he come up to me and he chuck me and he cuff me pon me hand, and that was it between me and he,” the woman stated.

Afterwards, the woman said her husband and his sister got into an argument. According to the woman, her sister-in-law began quarrelling with her brother for hitting her [Joyann].

“He turn back and tell she must don’t deh in he business, is ‘me and he’, and not ‘she and he’,” Joyann explained.

However, she said her sister-in-law continued to argue with her brother until it turned into a physical altercation.

“She chuck he and when she chuck he, he push she back because he don’t want fuh hit she because is he sister,” the woman recalled.

It was during the fight, the sister would have used a knife and stabbed him to the chest.
“And he fall…and he die in my hand,” the woman said.

She told this publication that she called out for help from her neighbours who assisted in contacting the police.

The man’s body was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. The sister was taken into custody and is said to be assisting with the investigation.

When asked if her husband was usually abusive towards her, Joyann explained that “when you living with a man, you must get ups and downs sometime. One, one time he give you a slap and so, but he never beat me bad. He was a good person, loving person…”