Parika/Supenaam ferry services opened for cargo, essential workers

MV Canawaima Ferry

The Transport and Harbours Department (T&HD) has made a decision to recommence ferry operations between Parika to Supenaam, to allow for essential and cargo services.

According to the entity, this is in compliance with the COVID-19 emergency measures instituted by caretaker President David Granger under the Public Health Ordinance Act.

Two vessels will be allowed to operate return trips from Supenaam to Parika on Monday to Friday; with the first departure scheduled for 07:00h and the next for sometime between 08:30 and 10:00h.

As the vessels continue to work, they will keep track of persons to and from the islands, with special attention on the Parika to Supenaam route.

From Parika to Supenaam, the first departure will leave between 10:00h to 12:00h while the second is slated for 14:00h.

To ensure the health and safety of all persons, it was clearly outlined that priority will be given to cargo vehicles, emergency vehicles and those authorised to travel by authorities. Vehicles travelling on pleasure will not be allowed aboard.

Meanwhile, passengers will be subjected to additional assessment in relation to the purpose of their trip before being given permission to board the vessel. They are also required to wear their face mask at all times while onboard the vessel and maintain social or physical distancing.

Failure to comply with these requirements, will result in passengers being denied re-boarding the vessel, T&HD said.

Persons permitted to travel to work for essential services under the COVID-19 Emergency Measures are to have in his or her possession an official identification document and official work identification document; or proof of workplace which must be supplied if requested by the Guyana Police Force prior to boarding.

Over the past weeks, many truck drivers have complained about losses they would have suffered since the ferry service changed its operational schedule and then completely shut down all activities.